Naturescaping is a method of landscaping which seeks to incorporate native plants, reduce water use, enhance habitat and protect water quality while producing a landscape that meets landowner needs, is easier to maintain and can save both time and money.

EWEB works with local partners to put on naturescaping workshops, which cover a variety of topics, including developing a functional and waterwise landscaping plan; planting the “right plant” in the “right place;” addressing invasive species; the importance of riparian buffers to water quality; reducing pesticide and fertilizer use; and enriching soil quality through composting.

For rural landowners who own small lots (approximately 2 acres or less) and are next to a river or stream, the
PWP naturescaping pathway provides financial incentives and technical assistance to design and implement a naturescaping plan.  Click the link for more details.
To view the Naturescaping Agreement click here or email us at 
PureWaterPartners for more information.